We have full fledged lab with latest Instruments like Statimat me Tester, Dynafil me, Uster Evenness Tester. Each and every product undergoes regressive quality checks. The whole team at GOKULANAND is committed to zero defects. Our staff follows strict quality standards and controls even quality throughout.

We strive to maintain top level customer service throughout the process beginning with the fibre selection to spinning so the customer gets the best competitive and uniform product from us. To further ensure the process produces only the best yarn available, samples are taken throughout each run and tested for yarn count, single and plied yarn strength, elongation, and overall quality.





Product & Infrastructure Development

The Primary Aim of our R & D Process is to maximize output and minimize expenditure. Our creativity and inspired research gives us an edge over our competitors and puts us the forefront of our field. We have focused on world class infrastructure, Technological capability, un-compromising quality standards.