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The success of Gokulanand is based on a motivated and committed team of staff. The team is a group of people who may not be equal in qualification, experience or talent but are equal in commitment to achieve the success.  All workers at Gokulanand believe in doing “Things Right the First time - Every time” in process “Building In” quality into their products.



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DEEPAK GONDALIA – Youngest Achiever in the Industry


Deepak Gondalia, born on 30th May 1971 is a successful and growing entrepreneur who in his early days in the industry laid down the foundation of Gokulanand Textile Industry, now a well established name in the textile industrial arena. The credit to conceptualize the high speed machines also goes to this hard working and great visionary personality.




Being from a family having the background of textile machine manufacturer, studies in the textiles was his obvious choice. After having completed his diploma in textile technology in 1990, he carried on further for Management studies from Leadership management International and gathered an all-round educational insight necessary for a young entrepreneur to understand the in depth industrial requirements.


Career Path


Deepak Gondalia's career commenced with his own family business house “Aalidhra Group” which was headed by Mr. Hansraj Bhai Gondalia. Deepak Gondalia joined this group in Textile Machinery Engineering Division and continued there for 3 years. After gaining sufficient ground level core industrial knowledge, he was promoted to shoulder the responsibility of a weaving unit, a division of his family business, which he successfully handled for 5 years.


Simultaneously, in 1992 he started Gokulanand Texturisers Pvt. Ltd, a yarn processing unit. The plant has undertaken rapid expansion brick by brick in Draw texturising, Air texturising, Draw winder and Crape production and ultimately the project was backwardly integrated by installing melt Spinning plant in year 2004. In Spinning also the phased expansion has made it the largest plant in Gujarat and the success has ignited the idea of setting up the first indigenous polymerization plant, an idea never thought of before this.The same Continuous Polymerization plant has been successfully commissioned at Gokulanand since August, 2012.


His developments


In this ongoing journey to success, Deepak Gondalia always had the blessings from all of his family members. Mr. Chandrakant bhai Gondalia, his elder brother and also the director in group companies had always extended guidance and helping hand in all matters specially pertaining to engineering.


In fact the very first hi-tech texturising machine of Aalidhra did not yield good result at Gokulanand. The machine performance was not leaving any profit to consumer hence the industrial growth in texturising would have got hampered had the work of technological up gradation was not undertaken by this young leader. In association with his brother he himself conducted many trials and did extensive R & D on the machine to make it the most popular brand internationally.


At this juncture the processed yarn business was not yielding profit mainly because of technical bottlenecks and scale economics. He now targeted Air texturising machines as these were not being manufactured in India and imported machines were not at all cost effective. Deepak Gondalia was able to sense very early the growth potential in this area and grabbed the opportunity with both hands by providing the best quality   low cost,  customers and environment friendly   Air texturising machines.  From technical and commercial angles these are the most successful machines globally and have taken the image of his Group to new historical heights.


Boosted by the success of above two machines this visionary shifted the focus on crepe machines and in association with his cousin Ramesh bhai Gondalia, one of the board member with engineering knowhow, Deepak Gondalia came up with much needed new concept in this area which was helpful to see significant growth of the Group.


Simultaneously the hardware of two for one (TFO) machines was also overhauled by Deepak Gondalia “an idea machine” to paint a perfect picture of engineering excellence.


The idea of setting up first indigenous continuous polymerization plant is a result of his hard work, dedication to serve the industry, continuous study of international engineering designs and a “never say die” approach.


Starting from a proprietary management he has contributed many managerial inputs to make the work culture resemble with that of a corporate office. The office has been studded with many technocrats, MBAs and Charters on to whom entire powers have been delegated to ensure that any decision is not delayed due to hierarchical hassles. All departments ie. Purchase, Operations, marketing and finance have been integrated through the latest computer software, SAP for smooth working at this scale of turnover.   Continuous monitoring is done to understand the changing needs of the customers and regular updations are done through brainstorming sessions to ensure their satisfaction. For staff members regular motivational lectures are arranged to keep their thought process in the positive territory.


Despite having had a marathon innings so far this man of steel nerves is feeling tireless and still busy in churning out more ideas and new concept so that industrial growth becomes an unending process.